“Our idea was to give virtually every employee, from manager to service technician, instant access to all relevant information.”

“We knew from the start that using 3D CAD for our variant design, which is of particular importance to CWA, would only deliver significant advantages over the previously used 2D system if we were to pair it with a powerful product data management system and new business processes.”

“With PROOM, we have found a straightforward, secure, and efficient solution for exchanging data with our suppliers and subsidiaries.”


“L’architettura del sistema PRO.FILE ci dà il vantaggio di una sola interfaccia con il sistema ERP, pur avendo tre sistemi CAD.”

“We wanted our 3D to be integrated with our electronic data management right from the start. The time saved storing files manually in a directory will actually lead to more time being spent unnecessarily on having to import them in the long run.”