PRO.FILE helps you stay on top of your technical documents inside the company – but how do you exchange your files with external partners, customers, and suppliers without having to rely on email, a highly unstructured and insecure means of communication? The integration between PRO.FILE and PROOM allows you to exchange your documents with the click of a mouse using the virtual project rooms provided by the cutting-edge cloud platform PROOM.

Find out how to use PROOM from within PRO.FILE to send and receive technical documents:

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Always up to date

Connect with PROOM once and synchronize everything automatically. Always work with the latest version, updated in real time.

Secure data exchange

Make audits a breeze by ensuring compliance in the exchange of sensitive documents.

Transparency and control

Gain end-to-end visibility into your communications with user administration capabilities and traceability.

Error-free communication

Project communication with partners, customers, and suppliers that doesn’t leave room for interpretation.

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Working with PROOM
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Integrate partners and customers with your PLM process directly from within PRO.FILE.

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PROOM Mobile App
The app keeps you up to date while on the road or at the customer’s site.

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Convenient real-time access to project rooms.

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