• 7. december 2020

More than 1,200 participants from all over Europe and the Americas made sure to join the launch of the new PRO.FILE next PLM generation by PROCAD.

Karlsruhe, November 13, 2020. “What a great presentation – I don’t think I’ve seen one this exciting and well executed before, in every respect.” With this type of praise coming from a press representative who has seen their share of events, PROCAD’s idea for a product launch “off the beaten path” seems to have hit a spot. On November 3 and 11, the PLM software maker lifted the veil on PRO.FILE next, its new PLM generation, for its German and international customers and welcomed 700 participants for the German and more than 500 participants for the international online event.

Demand for a new industry standard for PLM and DMS as delivered by PRO.FILE next is high, as evidenced by the audience that Code:n@xt attracted: for both events, only about half of participants were existing customers or partners, the other half was made up of prospects and potential customers. They were introduced to the world’s fastest no code platform by an enthusiastic PROCAD team who was eager to demonstrate the modern way of PLM: with transparent and predictable operating costs and incredibly fast time to implementation thanks to easily configurable best practices and direct prototyping throughout the project based on more than 30 years of experience.

In addition to breakout sessions and a live demo, the Sky Bar attracted many visitors as well. It provided a space for customers and prospects to share their experiences, network, and gain insights – just like they would at a “real-life” event.

Consequently, the feedback received was very positive, as this selection of comments from the guestbook reveals:

“A great approach, blends perfectly with the promise of having created a cutting-edge product.”

“A genius presentation. Much respect for what they did. Putting the core elements of PRO.FILE n@xt in a “feature film” was a great idea. And they did a very fine job with the Sky Bar as well, idea, execution and all.”

“You can always count on PROCAD to excel at everything they do. I found the event very captivating, informative, authentic, and fun.”