No better combination to wow your customers – PRO.FILE Product Configurator

One platform – full power – endless possibilities
One platform – full power – endless possibilities
Product-centric companies, big or small, have always dreamt of having an easy-to-use product configurator that is seamlessly integrated with a PLM user interface, enabling them to automatically generate their product structures including 3D models. We make your dreams come true!

PLM and DMStec driven by the latest technology

PRO.FILE – the leading software platform designed to accelerate and improve product engineering collaboration and information management for products and plants. With 30 years of experience, a clear focus, and more than 800 PLM and DMStec customers, we are a recognized authority in the field.

Our mission: to help manufacturing and engineering companies realize the full impact of digitalization

What we stand for:

  • We are an authority in the product lifecycle management and technical document management space
  • Go no code. Go PRO.FILE! Implement PLM und DMStec through configuration only
  • Fast and agile implementation of your solution rather than lengthy software deployments
  • Software-as-a-service philosophy – it’s the impact that matters
  • Ready-made best practice application packages

Configuring the impact all the way

Our agile “EASY.CON” approach get you where you need to be faster. No cost overruns, no delays.

Greater impact

by focusing on your goals and delivering straightforward, honest solutions

Rapid implementation

based on project plans developed from >1.000 customer projects

Reduced costs

through faster project delivery and configuration rather than programming


by ensuring upgradeability and user adoption

Great partners are the key to success – our customers

Today, more than 800 customers have chosen PRO.FILE to power their PDM/PLM and technical document management (DMStec).

Do you have what it takes to make digitalization in manufacturing and engineering a reality?

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