PRO.FILE keeps processes
flowing in the aerospace industry

Aerospace engineering is a matter of life or death. Consequently, it is a highly regulated industry that requires special care and attention. Having reliable PLM/DMStec contributes greatly to automate and enforce compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This means among many other things,

  • thorough documentation of changes within standardized, multi-level workflows to comply with industry regulations
  • end-to-end performance records at the click of button
Reference customer Aerodata
A PLM solution at the heart of the IT system environment

Aerodata is great example of how, in the demanding IT environment of an aerospace company, a PLM system can be placed at the heart of the IT system landscape and why it is so important to have a Product Data Backbone as a single source of truth that can also help you soar past the challenges that await you.

  • Integrates M-CAD, E-CAD, ERP, and Microsoft Office
  • Controls and documents the approval of aviation products that require end-to-end audit trails
  • Ensures documents are securely exchanged with customers and regulatory authorities

Challenge & solution

The challenge

Aerodata needed a smart software solution to bring structure to the way it stores its mechanical and electrical design data.  Another requirement was the ability to reliably document any modifications in compliance with industry regulations. On top of that, it wanted its long bills of materials to be automatically and accurately transferred to the ERP system.

The solution

PRO.FILE provides a data backbone for the management and provision of all design documents, part master data, and accompanying Office and PDF documents, by integrating deeply with CAD and ERP systems.

With PRO.FILE, we no longer have to manually create item master data, instead it is automatically transmitted from the CAD/PLM environment. The bidirectional integration between the PLM system and the adjacent CAD and ERP systems makes work so much easier for us

Aerodata success story
Aerodata success story
Read the success story to learn how PRO.FILE enabled Aerodata to automatically meet the complex requirements and approval procedures of aviation authorities and the ever more demanding quality management standards it has to comply with.

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