Collaborative PLM/DMStec

Real-time collaboration across the product lifecycle

One major effect of digital transformation is the new forms of collaboration it enables. For technical products this means for example:

  • Given the significantly higher share of electronics and software components, companies increasingly move away from top-down, sequential development and embrace concurrent development processes instead.
  • All departments work from a single source of truth and in context to the product at hand, using a Product Data Backbone or Engineering Information Backbone.

The goal here is to remain quick and agile despite this increasing complexity.

The solution:

Intensify peer-to-peer collaboration, engaging directly with all relevant disciplines, people, and departments; push rather than pull information, eliminating the need for lengthy searches and providing information when it’s needed; and do so across the enterprise. That how successful collaboration should look like in the age of digitalization.

PLM and DMStec becomes intelligent. The system digitally recognizes the relationships between documents, drawings, plans, contracts, and much more on the information level – not just on the document level. With this, a change that would have caused major headaches in the past becomes a simple task as the system provides you with accurate and complete information that includes all relationships.

A digital thread to guide you

The digital thread makes it easy to perform impact analyses for changes performed throughout the different disciplines and actively makes this information available to all stakeholders.

Push relevant real-time information to stakeholders

“How can I know what the other departments are currently developing or changing? What is impacting my work?”

The system uses the push principle to inform users of important events or relationships, for example in the context of impact management for engineering changes – even across distributed locations. That way, you will be immediately be informed that, for example, a last-minute change needs to be implemented before production starts. The automated change process is triggered, tasks are assigned, and PRO.FILE keeps all stakeholders in the loop. No more “Oh, I didn’t know that!”. With PROOM, a project document collaboration platform integrated with PRO.FILE, you can also get all of this information out to your external partners, customers, and suppliers.

“We’re already collaborating, so what’s the big difference?”

A DMStec or PLM system never forgets anything and is always up to date, Given the complexity of the engineering space, this is something that people as knowledge carriers can no longer do. Having a system control this process reduces the chance of error and the dependence on individual people. On top of that, it accelerates communication, which in turn speeds up development. Think time to market.

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