DMStec – document management for product-centric companies

Product-centric companies need more than a conventional document management system (DMS/ECM software). DMStec combines enterprise wide document management and cutting-edge product management.

On the path to digitalization with DMStec

An enterprise wide document management (DMStec) system enables product-centric companies to combine their document management with their project and product/plant management.

Control your documents from key departments such as product engineering, product/plant management, sales, and accounting in a unified and integrated way.

Provide complete “as built” and “as maintained” documentation – as a digital information twin. Manage your information – not just your documents.

DMStec builds a network of relationships that includes all information from across the organization and provides each department with the ability to access and edit it based on their own requirements.  That’s how you make digitalization happen.

DMStec – giving product-centric companies everything they could wish for in a DMS

DMStec eliminates the risk of working with outdated information and documents. It provides a structured way to model the relationships between every single piece of product related information across the enterprise

Technical document management (DMStec) lets you go beyond document management and is the base to start modeling your digital information twins.

DMStec – a specialized discipline of document management (DMS system) specifically for product-centric companies

DMStec is a specialized discipline of conventional document management (DMS system) and was designed and built specifically for product-centric companies

  • Document control and document management that satisfies the needs of product-centric companies
  • Product-related documents are uniquely linked to their technical structures
  • Document workflows that structure and automate your processes
  • Single source of truth for each document
  • Interfaces with all major ERP systems


Documents, projects, and tasks are processed by various departments across a company and with a wide variety of applications, DMStec provides seamless visibility down to the very last item.

From archive to digital collaboration in product-centric companies

Anyone looking to digitalize based on a single source of truth will have to connect their product and infrastructure data to their technical documents (DMStec). Where are you today? Where are you headed?

Document management (DMStec) with PRO.FILE

A new level of quality in document based collaboration across departments and throughout product stages

  • Quick and controlled access to all documents in their most recent version
  • Views tailored to the needs of the individual departments and processes
  • Safe and secure storage and archiving
  • Single source of truth for each document (eliminating duplicate copies and information)
  • Policy visibility and enforcement (e.g. audit trails)
  • Complete product information twins with end-to-end visibility

Document management (DMS software) in complex technical structures

Dependency knowledge, of the information stored across the enterprise, serves as the foundation from which document based workflows can be digitalized.
DMS<sup>tec</sup> white paper
DMStec white paper
Read our latest white paper to find out how to safely navigate your technical documents through your product and document lifecycle processes.
A real-life example: Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH
The construction of a new power station unit prompted its operator, grid company Netzgesellschaft Dusseldorf, to look for a solution that would digitally store any documents related to the plant and establish a technical document management system. PROCAD’s technical document management system (DMStec) PRO.FILE uses item classes and metadata to mirror the entire plant by attaching documents to the ID codes of every single part. This creates a structure that is independent of the individual documents.
Having PRO.FILE display these documents within the context of the power plant's structure in day-to-day operation is extremely helpful. We never had anything like this structured and part-centric storage system in any of our previous power station units. With DMStec and the built-in check-in/check-out mechanisms, we are also eliminating the risk of working with outdated versions.

Learn more about DMStec with PRO.FILE

DMStec white paper

Read our updated white paper to find out how to safely navigate your technical documents through your processes

DMStec video

Document management (DMS) for product-centric companies and why it is important to have DMStec as its own category


Learn more about the PRO.FILE platform for DMStec and product lifecycle management

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