PRO.FILE keeps processes
flowing in the maritime industry

In shipbuilding and the maritime industry as a whole, manufacturers are dealing with a combination of very specific product engineering requirements and document-intensive project management processes. DMStec/PLM systems provide valuable support when it comes to, e.g.,

  • implementing lifecycle files that cover every aspect from design to scrapping
  • avoiding mistakes and redundancies
  • standardizing processes
  • digitalizing processes

Customer reference bremenports

Document management with authorities for port infrastructures

bremenports GmbH & Co. KG is a great example of how PRO.FILE was implemented as a central building block of an IT-enabled infrastructure solution and why it is so important to have a Product Data Backbone as a single source of truth to support this.

  • IT-enabled infrastructure management
  • Consistent process control
  • Assignment of e-mails and documents to projects

Challenge & solution

The challenge

It used to be that the immense number of copies made it very difficult to know where the original document needed to be available in the first place. Rather than collecting department-specific data and organizing them by discipline, the goal was to have a single source of truth for every document.

The solution

End-to-end document management, consistent process control, and the ability to match emails and documents to projects in PRO.FILE organizes communication within the company and with authorities and service providers more efficiently while eliminating redundancies.

bremenports now manages its documents digitally and makes them available electronically, integrates construction plans and electronic diagrams from CAD systems with its digital documents management and links documents with its geographic information system (GIS).

At bremenports, document management is a key building block of our IT-enabled infrastructure management. It used to be that the immense number of copies made it very difficult to know where the original document needed to be available in the first place. Rather than collecting department-specific data and organizing them by discipline, every document now only exists once in a single location and in electronic form. And you can rest assured that it’s the most current version.

DMS<sup>tec</sup> white paper
DMStec white paper
Read the white paper “Document Management in Complex Technical Structures” to learn how you too can map your branched product structures through technical document management (DMStec).

Customer reference Abeking & Rasmussen

Automated invoice processing in shipbuilding

Abeking & Rasmussen AG is an example of how companies can leverage PRO.FILE to digitally transform their document management and automate their accounting processes. It provides the single source of truth needed to sail past the demanding requirements of the future.

  • Compliant storage of project documents
  • Reliable process flows through document control automation
  • Electronic transmittals as packing slips for documents

Challenge & solution

The challenge

Being able to find and digitally processes documents at the click of a button in order to eliminate the painstaking process of managing them on paper across the various departments. The goal was to automate and accelerate invoice processing and to create transparency.

The solution
Abeking & Rasmussen relies on PRO.FILE to manage its documents and maintain its product data. This allows them to avoid duplicates and the loss of documents. By implementing an automated archiving solution for email and commercial documents the company was able to create a reliable process flow.

The automation of invoice processing improved its accounting processes and reduced processing times, enabling the company to regularly take advantage of early payment discounts.

We wanted to automate our invoice processing and create transparency. We were able to achieve just that. It now takes us half the time to process our invoices.

Digital Contract Management white paper
Digital Contract Management white paper
Read the white paper “Digital Contract Management in Technical Industries” to find out how you too can soon get a digital and automated grip on your contracts and related processes.

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