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the digital information brain

PRO.FILE is the no-code platform for digitally transforming engineering and information management processes for technical products and plants.

  • Implement PLM und DMStec through configuration only
  • Fast and agile implementation of your solution rather than lengthy software deployments
  • Software-as-a-service philosophy – it’s the impact that matters

One central platform, not multiple applications

Companies need a digital single source of truth to ensure information flows seamlessly to deliver digital products and services. Our PRO.FILE platform succeeds where isolated applications and their data silos fail. Add PRO.CEED and you also get Application Packages that are tailored to the use case or process at hand.

One platform – full power – endless possibilities

Full power right out of the gate

Regardless of whether the application is large or small, you want to have access from other systems such as ERP or implement a PRO.FILE app

Digitalization out of the box

High tech with maximum focus on the application. Configurable best practice PRO.CEED Application Packages that can be added to PRO.FILE at any time

APIs – extensibility by default

APIs are available to massively extend and add on to the PRO.FILE platform. You will always remain in the PRO.FILE standard, ensuring upgradeability

Cloud readiness – software as a service

Grant approval on the go or send pictures back to base while in the field with PRO.FILE apps that you can easily configure yourself

Configuration over coding

The no-code configuration of digitalized processes is serious fun! Why? Because you get to see impactful results right away and can get started right away.

How does it work? We implement projects based on our impact-driven and agile “configuration over coding” approach. Step by step, we close the potential gap between where you are and where you want to be. You can focus on defining your objectives and engaging in change management.

We call it the EASY.CONFIG approach and it gets you where you want to be.

  • Go no code: 100% iterative implementation through configuration
  • Go PRO.FILE: your central configurable digitalization platform
  • Best practice work breakdown structure – based on the experience gained from hundreds of projects
  • Extensibility : add-ons through APIs with guaranteed upgradeability

You need to do more? PRO.FILE will grow with you

With each iteration step, you will instantly see effective processes, menus, or features configured by you. Resource-intensive and expensive adjustments will be a thing of the past. Just like cost overruns. “Go no code. Go PRO.FILE” provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional project and product approaches.

Configure your PRO.FILE apps rather than code them

Apps put the task front and center not the software. Apps let you boil down the PRO.FILE (PDM/PLM system) functionality to individual business processes. This makes them much faster and easier to use and allows you to take them with you wherever you need them.


  • Use a tablet or touchscreen to modify drawings directly on the production floor
  • Use a tablet to create service and damage reports in the field and digitally sign them
  • Use your smartphone to approve and release

Apps with PRO.FILE – your added value

  • Translate complex processes into simple applications
  • Improve usability and user adoption
  • Easily involve PLM process stakeholders by giving them application-specific access
  • Access data through the app regardless of the operating system used
  • Configure apps at the click of a button, configuration over coding
  • Eliminate the effort involved in custom coding your own apps and then re-coding for every new OS version

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