PRO.FILE keeps processes flowing
for operators and maintenance companies

When it comes to maintenance, knowing when the time is right is worth a lot of money. The ability to view relevant documents and information about a component in the technical document management system (DMStec) with just a single click makes it easier to plan ahead and act quickly.
These are just some of the DMStec advantages for operators/maintenance companies:

  • As-built documentation for compliance and documentation
  • Digital information twins that form the basis for digital twins
  • Ability to map industry-specific designation systems, e.g. KKS codes (power plants)

Reference customer Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf

Technical document management in the power plant

Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH is a textbook example of how technical document management can be implemented in power plant operations and why it is so important to have a Product Data Backbone as a single source of truth to support this.

  • Structured management of tens of thousands of power plant-related documents and data points
  • Links between all documents with the power station identification code of each
  • Automatic transfer ECAD data to the DMStec system
Challenge & solution
The challenge

The construction of a new power station unit prompted its operator to look for a solution that would digitally store any documents related to the plant and establish a technical document management system. The goal was to give any authorized employee immediate access to all related documents upon entering a KKS into the DMStec system.

The solution

As a technical document management system (DMStec), PRO.FILE uses item classes and metadata to mirror the entire plant by attaching documents to the ID codes of every single  This creates a structure that is independent of the individual documents. All relevant information on a KKS code can be retrieved at the click of a button.

Having PRO.FILE display these documents within the context of the power plant’s structure in day-to-day operation is extremely helpful. We never had anything like this structured and part-centric storage system in any of our previous power station units. With DMStec and the built-in check-in/check-out mechanisms, we are also eliminating the risk of working with outdated versions.

Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf success story
Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf success story
Read the success story to learn how users at Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf, simply by entering a KKS, can pull up a list of documents and retrieve any related information and how it benefits their work.

Reference customer 2G Energy

With DMStec and PLM on the brink of Industry 4.0

2G Energy AG is a great example of how technical document management and product lifecycle management can pave the way for IoT features in operation and maintenance and why it is so important to have a Product Data Backbone as a single source of truth to support this.

  • CAD integration that benefits every designer
  • DMStec that makes life easier for service technicians
  • Project dashboards that deliver complete visibility
Challenge & solution
The challenge

In order to meet the rising demand for combined and heat and power plants, 2G needs to be able to maintain accurate product master data, bills of materials, and, most importantly, a spare parts catalog. The latter is what motivated the company to start considering the implementation of a PDM/PLM system in 2012 in the first place.

The solution

The flood of digital documents and the need to control them as part of their daily routines used to cause the employees at 2G Energy AG major headaches. But with PRO.FILE, they now have a PLM solution that allows them to document even their most complex products and to control their technical and business workflows – including a number of Industry 4.0 applications.

What we liked about PRO.FILE is the look and feel it provides. The system also has a decisive advantage in that it goes beyond simple product data management to meet the needs of traditional DMS tasks. What’s more, the integration with Navision allows us to store documents from the ERP system. And a built-in web application is available to automate the processing of our incoming invoices.

2G Energy success story
2G Energy success story
Read the success story to learn how 2G Energy was able to automate the flood of digital documents and their control and to digitally transform its maintenance operations.

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