Application Packages

Engineering and manufacturing companies today simply cannot afford not to digitalize and simplify their core processes. Digitalization is the key to accelerating and streamlining the development of smart products.

PRO.CEED Application Packages are designed to help you digitalize key processes and workflows – gradually at your own pace. Staying true to our mission to “configure the impact”, you can focus your full attention on maximizing your digital efficiency.

Choose plug & play over manual work

PRO.CEED Application Packages complement the PRO.FILE digitalization platform by adding the applications you need. Each PRO.CEED Application Package is built from the experience gained in hundreds of customer projects, translated into best practices. The Application Packages come preconfigured out of the box, are quickly installed in PRO.FILE, and can be easily adapted to your needs.

What’s more, each PRO.CEED Application Package includes interface elements tailored to the application at hand, ready-made templates, workflows and dashboards. Fast-track your digitalization journey with PRO.CEED.

Focus on what’s important

Best practices modules

The application packages are ready out the box. Based on the experience of more than 1,000 projects, they take the quality of your digitalized applications to a new level

On the fast track

The application packages are designed to increase the digital maturity of your organization exactly where it matters most

Ready-made = serious fun

Menus, cockpits, and forms tailored to the application at hand, e.g. contract management, will automatically guide you through the process


PRO.CEED is aligned with standards such as CMII, making compliance a breeze and allowing you to adhere to relevant guidelines and regulations

Project management with PRO.CEED

Manufacturing and engineering companies need to be able to properly organize the way they control, monitor, and document their projects. Growing levels of complexity, tight deadlines, and the obligation to comply with legislation and standards are increasingly taking the spotlight. Staying on top of all of this and making engineering projects a success are daunting challenges.

PRO.CEED project management supports you by automating your document control. A common basis for the documents and data created in the different departments ensures full transparency and accelerates your workflows.

  • You use project templates, plan your projects, and rely on PRO.CEED to monitor, manage, and document the progress of your projects.
  • Your project members are always provided with the latest documents and data when they start their task
  • PRO.CEED comes with built-in dashboards and reports that allow you to monitor the status of all projects at any time

Process management with PRO.CEED

Taking unstructured processes and transforming them into IT-based and automatable workflows is a management decision. IT-based processes are more secure and much faster. They are particularly useful if a process involves many employees, has to comply with rules and regulations, or is frequently recurring.

PRO.CEED controls and documents DMStec and PLM processes

  • You define your processes as sequences of concurrent and sequential activities
  • PRO.CEED is used to trigger and document these processes and to add the data and documents required for each activity. You receive the finished documents along with the deliverables once the process is complete
  • Built-in dashboards keep you up to date on the status of each processes, giving you the opportunity to intervene if processes are delayed or come to a halt

What our users have to say about PRO.CEED

PRO.FILE 8.6 and the PLM complement PRO.CEED will allow us to fully automate business processes such as invoice processing and complaint management.

It’s about gradually capturing and controlling all of our processes and the data they create… The PDM/PLM system has really helped us a great deal.

We used to have multiple drawings at our different locations and no one knew which one was up to date. Now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. PROOM makes sure that the data we work with is always valid. No more guessing which document is the most recent.

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