project document workspaces

PROOM is the platform for document exchange and collaboration in manufacturing and engineering companies.

It provides an easy and confidential way to exchange data and technical documents with partners, customers, and suppliers. PROOM replaces conventional email and FTP solutions with modern, cloud-based project rooms on an exchange platform and enables modern collaboration in virtual workspaces.

PROOM in short

Project document workspaces

  • Are you still sending sensitive documents by email, relinquishing all control over them?
  • Do you know who saw what document, who made what changes, or what is the most recent version?
  • Can you still piece together what email comment matches what version of your document?

An overview of the facts

PROOM with top ranking

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Confidential data exchange

Make audits a breeze by ensuring compliance in the exchange of confidential documents

Transparency and control

Gain end-to-end visibility into your communications with user administration capabilities and traceability

Flawless communication

Project communication with partners, customers, and suppliers that leaves no room for interpretation

“Didn’t I send you that?”
is something you will never hear again

PROOM will modernize the way you exchange documents
with customers, partners, and suppliers every day.

Technical documentation

The ability to confidentially and transparently exchange technical documents and information when collaborating with customers, partners, and suppliers plays a critical role in the manufacturing and engineering realm. Conventional methods like email and FTP fail to live up to these requirements.

PROOM is the solution:

  • Everybody is up to date: Once they have been connected to PROOM, files will be automatically synchronized, giving every project member instant access to the same documents in their most current versions
  • No more guesswork: The project room provides full control over who is authorized to do what and when and keeps a log of all activities
  • Everybody is in the loop: PROOM integrates with your existing environment and processes
  • Everybody follows the same rules: Access controls are in place and all document-related activities are logged to ensure compliance standards are met. PROOM is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution or can be deployed as a private cloud solution

Backing up files and ensuring document versions are always up to date

Your development projects often involve large drawings, CAD models, or other technical documents that are frequently modified and whose different versions need to be continuously exchanged among the various teams involved. But with everyone working on their own systems, a gap between the different processes and information systems is inevitable. Companies that rely on email as their primary method of communication often find themselves struggling with different file versions and local copies.

The PROOM document exchange platform is the solution!

  • Benefit from a confidential way to exchange development and design data and technical project documents of any size
  • Use virtual project rooms to seamlessly integrate your processes with those of your partners
  • Connect with PROOM once and synchronize everything automatically. Always the latest version, updated in real time

Making the latest documents available throughout your procurement process

Technical purchasing departments are in charge of procuring external services. They serve as the liaison between internal developers and manufacturing teams on the one hand, and different suppliers and bidders on the other hand. In order for your projects to succeed, it is paramount that everybody is always talking about “the same thing” and basing their work on the right information.

The PROOM document exchange platform is the solution!

  • Everyone involved works with the most current documents
  • Procurement documents need to be uploaded only once and are then maintained from a single point of control
  • RFP bidders cannot see one another
  • You as the purchaser can monitor the status of your documents at any time. You know exactly who accessed what files und who uploaded files and when

Exchanging technical
project documents the easy way

The successful completion of your projects hinges on your ability to ensure effective communication between everyone involved. Conventional methods of communication
like email or FTP are not up to this task. Moving your data exchange to the cloud with PROOM provides you with an efficient way to secure and control your communication.

How much time do you spend clarifying or resolving misunderstandings?

The PROOM document exchange platform is the solution!

  • Easy and confidential data exchange with your customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Mobile access to the data you need when you need it, whether in the field, in the office or on the road.
  • Encrypted data transmission with access permissions

Mobile data exchange while on site

You have to handle repairs as quickly as possible and commission equipment on schedule in order for your customers to be satisfied. Delays are costly for both sides and could even violate service level agreements. Being able to exchange data while on the go allows you to work across system boundaries and to get the job done faster.

The PROOM document exchange platform is the solution!

  • Headquarters provide you as a field technician with instant access to the latest technical drawings and sketches. No matter where you are
  • You can send the pictures, reports, and records that document the services provided to headquarters while still on location

Conveniently control the exchange of
technical documents …

… with just a few clicks

Watch our short demo to find out how you can exchange files and comment on a document with just a few clicks.

Email, FTP or traditional online file sharing solutions are a thing of the past. Today, prooming them using virtual project rooms with controlled access in closed groups and collaboration workspaces is the way to go!

Satisfied customers are the highest form of praise

We used to have multiple drawings at our different locations and no one knew which one was up to date. Now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. PROOM makes sure that the data we work with is always valid. No more guessing which document is the most recent.

This data exchange platform has put us in control of the way we exchange documents in our projects. We also use the virtual project rooms to provide a service to our customers. They can access them at any time to find out if we have added new data.

PROOM – the top-rated
central exchange platform

Four ways of using PROOM

PROOM stand-alone

Your easy-to-implement file exchange and external collaboration platform

PROOM is based in the cloud. Use PROOM as a public cloud solution and get access to your PROOM installation within minutes. PROOM provides an alternative to email or FTP, resulting in an instant ROI and saving your employees a lot of work and time right from the start.

  • Easy to implement
  • Immediate benefits
  • Full multi-tenancy and on demand
  • Available both as a public and a private cloud

Collaborative PLM: integrating external suppliers, partners, and customers with you PLM process

In today’s networked world, companies need to engage their partners, suppliers, and customers to ensure seamless PLM processes from beginning to end. What better way to do so than the cloud. It also makes the perfect complement to PRO.FILE.

You can choose to implement the cloud-based solution as a private or public cloud. Replace email and FTP with a process that puts you in control and provides full visibility.

PROOM and PRO.FILE – the advantages

  • Confidential data exchange with third-parties with complete audit trails and without having to grant partners access to internal systems
  • Reduced processing times in project by reducing the time it takes to coordinate activities
  • Full exchange process control for a reduced potential for error resulting in lower costs

Your fast and easy way to access projects rooms through Windows Explorer

With PROOM Sync, you can access and edit technical documents in PROOM directly in Windows Explorer. You get to decide which project rooms are to be automatically synchronized between your local workstation and PROOM.

  • Real-time access to the latest version
  • Convenient editing of files from within the respective application, even when offline
  • Folder structures are automatically mapped to the project rooms

PROOM Sync 3.1 for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32-bit / 64-bit) is available as a free download!

Stay up to date while on the go

Everyone involved in a project needs to be kept up to date on its progress. PROOM Mobile App provides a confidential way for you to control the exchange of technical documents even while on the go.

It gives everyone on-the-go access to project information, whether it is project members needing technical documents and project plans, sales representatives looking for the latest offers, or maintenance technicians in need of service documents.

  • Simple and confidential file exchange
  • Designated exchange platform as an alternative to email or FTP
  • Tamper-proof virtual project rooms with clearly established rules

Your confidential files are save with us

We take every precaution to ensure the security of your files and information:

PROOM’s communication is based on HTTPS, a protocol that prevents interception of information exchanged online.

Authentication & password encryption
Users must authenticate themselves before accessing PROOM. They can choose their own password, which is then encrypted and invisible to the PROOM administrator.

User permissions
Custom permissions on a project room and folder level provide access control and maximum data security. Sensitive files that are to be made available to certain users only, can be hidden for other users.

Activity logs
Built-in and ready-to-print activity logs allow users to get an instant overview of who did what with which files and when.

Validity periods
The project rooms and the files they contain are never automatically deleted. When uploading a file, users can specify a validity period. Outside this interval, the file is only visible to the user who uploaded it to the project room and to the project room manager.

High availability
If PROOM is hosted by PROCAD, all files exchanged will be mirrored. In the event of a technical failure, users can continue to access their files without limitations.

Which PROOM is right for you?

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A comparison of the package features – click here for a detailed overview

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