PRO.FILE keeps processes
flowing in high tech and electronics

Product lifecycle management and technical document management are disciplines where many companies in the high tech and electrical and electronics manufacturing industries in particular lag behind. Similar to mechanical and plant engineering, this industy relies heavily on technical data and structures, documents, and compliance standards. PRO.FILE gives you

  • best practice product lifecycle management
  • ECAD integrations
  • document control for technical and business documents

Reference customer RFC

Interdisciplinary product lifecycle management for smart high tech

RCF is a textbook example of how product lifecycle management and document management can be implemented in the high tech and electronics industry and why it is so important to have a Product Data Backbone as a single source of truth to support this.

  • Integration of multi-CAD, MCAD, and ECAD
  • Management and control of change processes
  • Structured document management (DMStec)

Challenge & solution

The challenge

The company focuses on products and the management of changes, making versions and compatability with other products essential to their business. This creates large and complex data sets whose management was the challenge that prompted them to look for an effective a PLM/DMStec system.

The solution

PRO.FILE was implemented to manage the company’s documents along with the associated items. Its deep integration with MCAD, ECAD and ERP now ensures seamless and uninterrupted data management across the enterprise.

With every new product, our file system-based management became less and less efficient. And the need to implement a solution that would manage our documents and associated items became more and more pressing. We also had to make sure that the solution would integrate seamlessly with our MCAD, ECAD and ERP systems.

RFC success story
RFC success story
Read the success story to learn how RFC leveraged the PLM system to connect engineering and production and how PRO.FILE now manages and controls the company’s change processes.

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