PLM and DMStec digitalization
is in our DNA

We unleash the full impact of digitalized product lifecycle management and technical document management (DMStec).

That’s what moves us. That’s what drives us. With 30 years of experience, a clear focus, and more than 800 PLM and DMStec customers, we are a recognized authority in the field.

Go no code – go PRO.FILE

Every day, product offerings are becoming increasingly configurable. Customers can tailor products to their needs and use them right away. What is true for consumer products is also becoming increasingly crucial for business software given the pressure of today’s market requirements.

Digitalization, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 are changing the face of manufacturing and industrial products. PROCAD is dedicated to realizing the full impact of digitally transformed product engineering and information management for products and plants with its intelligent and configurable PRO.FILE platform.

PRO.FILE – the digital information brain
PRO.FILE is the leading software platform designed to accelerate and improve product engineering collaboration and information management for products and plants.


Who we are

PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG is an international platform provider serving the needs of mid-market and large companies in technical industries and specializes in digitally transforming engineering and information management processes for products and plants.

PROCAD’s mission is to deliver the impact of digitally transformed product lifecycle management (PLM) and technical document management (ECM/DMStec) with a purely configuration-based implementation approach.

The configurability of PROCAD’s products paired with its iterative and agile EASY.CON project methodology make implementation quick and easy, keep operating costs low (TCO), and give customers the ability to gradually expand the system at their own pace. PRO.FILE is a service-oriented platform that easily integrates with other systems and is built on the latest in technology.

PROCAD facts and figures

Founded in 1985

We have been improving processes and workflows of engineering and manufacturing companies with the right combination of discipline and enthusiasm for 30 years

800 customers

Today, more than 800 customers are benefiting from our solutions with PRO.FILE (PLM/DMStec systems)

12 locations

We have five locations throughout Germany and are represented internationally in the United States, BeNeLux, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Poland, and Switzerland

160 employees

Our 160 employees work toward a common goal: to combine effective solutions with personalized service

PROCAD Impulse and User Days

What does digital transformation really mean for our customers?

Our Impulse and User Days are designed to educate our customers about how PRO.FILE helps them develop better products faster and how they can successfully digitally transform important product engineering and information management processes for their products and plants. Plus, we also want everyone to have a good time together. Did we spark your interest? Come and join us for the next dates!

PROCAD’s management team

Marc Maurer
Managing Director

Committed to the industry

We give our customers a grip on digitalization.

The digital revolution is in full swing. But a lot of the things we hear and read about digitalization are rather confusing and unspecific. We feel intimidated and don’t really know what to actually do on the road ahead.

Digitalization is particularly present in the technical industries. Consequently, it’s also on the minds of our customers and prospects. They are looking for hard-to-find answers: What does digitalization mean for our business? Where do we start? Who can implement it?

We are committed to providing you with these answers along with a clear course of action for your digitalization strategy. We will show you what needs to be done! Step by step.

We are a proud partner of Germany’s leading industry associations VDMA and BITKOM and a member of the eCl@ss association. We collaborate on various studies and conduct them ourselves.

PRO.FILE by PROCAD International

Our local offices, international centers of excellence, and sales partners.

We are headquartered in Karlsruhe and have four additional branch locations throughout Germany.

We are represented internationally with our own and our partners’ centers of excellence in the United States, Switzerland, Italy, BeNeLux, Brazil, Poland, and Austria.

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