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flowing in systems engineering

Systems engineering is characterized by very large and highly complex systems with countless components and even more documents that go along with them. Managing these massive amounts of data and being able to retrieve the information you are looking for when you need it is the type of challenge that is tailor-made for a PLM/DMStec system. With it, you can

  • store comprehensive project documents in a way that complies with audit standards
  • model a defined digital ‘document review cycle’
  • ensure reliable process flows through document control automation

Reference customer PROMAN

Managing complex systems requires digitally transformed processes

PROMAN is a perfect example of how to implement technical document management (DMStec) for systems engineers and why a single source of truth is essential to these types of projects.

  • Compliant storage of project documents
  • Automated document control for reliable process flows
  • Electronic transmittals as packing slips for documents

Challenge & solution

The challenge

The goal was to replace the existing database solution with an intuitive and customizable document management system (DMS software) that would store vast amounts of projects documents with complete audit trails for compliance and support the implementation of a “document review cycle”.

The solution

DMStec with PRO.FILE as a Product Data Backbone can correlate any document it holds with predefined workflows. The task files in PRO.CEED are used to link documents to tasks, which are in turn assigned to specific individuals, and monitor their completion.

We are a technology-driven company and for us, DMStec is the perfect approach to embrace the digitalization of document-heavy business processes. More so than any other vendor, PROCAD was able to meet all of our requirements.

PROMAN success story
PROMAN success story
Read the success story to learn how PROMAN was able to completely digitally transform its processes and how easy it is now for everyone to focus on their core responsibilities.

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