The application areas

There are essentially three categories of systems that product-centric companies need to go digital:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Office applications
  • product engineering and information management for products and plants

We specialize in the latter. We will help you on your journey to gradual digitalization.

Whether you start out with PDM, PLM or DMStec, what matters in the end is that you have a single source of truth that integrates and connects the data you need to engineer your products and manage the information for your products and plants. That’s how you enable truly digital processes.

Bring together what belongs together

Many companies today still use a variety of software applications that span from development to service. With every application, new product data and product-related documents are created. What they lack is a single source of truth. Why is this so important? How do you expect to, for example, create a seamless connection between a complaint sent to your support and the engineering change process it triggers with just one click?

The only way to do that is to have ALL of the information generated throughout the product engineering and information management process for your products and plants in a SINGLE platform – also known as a Product Data Backbone or Engineering Information Backbone. The more complete and digitalized your information flow on the basis of this platform, the higher the quality and efficiency of the digitalized version of your workflows – and the better your performance.

Watch our video on enterprise-wide digitalization

Today’s workplace is modern and connected – we are mobile and always online. But are we truly working digitally yet? Your teams are collaborating on products and projects, but is your data too?

Talk to us about the digital future of your product data and the way you manage your product and plant information.

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