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PROCAD to lift the veil on a new PLM generation

Premiere of the new PRO.FILE next during an online event on November 11, 2020

Karlsruhe, October 28, 2020: On November 11, 2020, PRO.FILE next, the next product generation by PROCAD will be officially launched. Drawing from many years of experience, the PLM vendor is addressing the new demands that the digital transformation of product engineering will bring about. On November 11 (11:00 AM EST, 10:00 AM CET), the groundbreaking, cloud-enabled platform for the digital transformation of business processes will be presented to the public for the first time at Code:n@xt, a must-attend event for anyone interested in digital transformation, information management, and product lifecycle management.

PROCAD’s managing directors, strategists, business developers, and developers will come together for Code:n@xt to present PRO.FILE next – the newest member of the PRO.FILE family whose code will change the world of PLM software. In addition to many other attractions, the online event will feature breakout sessions and a live demo of the new system, take an in-depth look at today’s market demands and digital transformation trends, and give attendees the opportunity to chat with the company’s experts.

Out-of-the-box application packages as a shortcut to digitalization

Where does digital transformation start? Where does a PLM platform as a Product Data Backbone fit into it? How do you build an information twin as a digital replica of a piece of machinery? These are just some of the questions that the first breakout session will answer.

The second block will be dedicated to working in structures and establishing dependency knowledge. After all, PLM is much more than just managing product data, it must also deliver all the usual DMS features. This gives everyone a single source of truth, eliminates information silos and working from outdated versions. This session will also showcase how to use PRO.FILE to model end-to-end processes incl. task management. Lastly, breakout session number three will take a deep dive into the no code approach and the PRO.FILE next implementation method and present the company’s best practice application packages.

PROCAD’s unique, two-hour online event will examine where PLM is headed, what PRO.FILE next has in store, and why PLM should be at the center of any digital transformation strategy. Event registration is available at www.pro-file.com/en/codenext/ .