Go no code: PRO.FILE next.

PRO.FILE next is the next generation of PLM solutions. It marks a shift in paradigm – the move away from time and resource consuming implementation and enhancement projects towards straightforward no code configurations for incredibly fast and secure deployment. It is the biggest innovation in our company’s history and it encapsulates everything that PROCAD stands for: superior performance, agility, usability and – something that we’re most proud of – it is thought through to the very last detail. PRO.FILE is not just designed as a PLM solution, it is the starting point for the digital transformation of the core competencies of product-centric companies.

See for yourself:

End-to-end digital transformation of product engineering and product management processes
100% cloud-ready
Innovative no code approach to make adjustments on the live system
Multi-CAD and multi-ERP capabilities
Concurrent work on multiple projects
Straightforward integration of best practices application packages, e.g. for quality, variant and project management
The mission: a single source of truth for each document
Straightforward integration of internal and external resources
Followee – be notified of any changes to the documents in your projects
The highlights of PRO.FILE next –
presented by the makers of the next PLM generation

Video demo

Seeing is understanding: PRO.FILE next video demo

Go no code – the fastest way to customize a PLM solution

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