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PROCAD and ACATEC joined forces in developing and launching a new product: their “PRO.FILE Product Configurator powered by ACATEC” integrates product lifecycle management with configure, price, quite (CPQ) capabilities to create a joint solution. The newly developed product configurator establishes a single source of truth and gives customers a low code environment that can be easily adapted to their needs without requiring coding skills.

One-stop solution for the digital product lifecycle

Product configuration enables manufacturers to propel forward the digital transformation of their business processes and boost their productivity by a factor of five. As a one-stop solution for the digital product lifecycle, “PRO.FILE Product Configurator powered by ACATEC” is uniquely suited for overcoming the industry’s hesitance to merge PLM and CPQ. The “PRO.FILE Product Configurator powered by ACATEC” eliminates data silos and knowledge islands and is built on an integrative approach that brings together two systems. With its level of standardization, the configurator is the first of its kind on the market in addition to being the first product born from the merger of PROCAD and ACATEC in March of 2021. The “PRO.FILE Product Configurator powered by ACATEC” is available starting now.

Combining the strengths of PROCAD and ACATEC

“Our speedmaxx product configurator and PROCAD’s PLM solutions perfectly complement one another. Our collaboration has created a one-stop solution for an all-around smart digital product lifecycle – from product configuration by the customer at the point of sale and manufacturing to operation and servicing of the product,” points out Henning Bitter, Managing Director at ACATEC.

“Companies looking to configure their products need both PLM and CPQ. We developed the PRO.FILE Product Configurator in an effort to integrate these two types of systems. By unifying PLM and CPQ into a single solution we drive down complexity rather than creating just another interface,” explains Gerhard Knoch, Managing Director for the PROCAD Group. “This combination of PLM and CPQ system benefits our customers by enabling them to significantly improve their processes – both in terms of quality and speed.”

All advantages in a nutshell

The “PRO.FILE Product Configurator powered by ACATEC” allows manufacturers to streamline their processes by digitally transforming and preconfiguring them from sales all the way down to the production floor. Engineers can rely on rule-based workflows and the automation of CAD and PDM processes. The product configurator:

  • integrates PLM and CPQ into a single solution
  • creates a unified coding framework
  • eliminates data silos
  • establishes a low code environment that makes configuration fast and easy
  • ensures CAD automation of configuration (assemblies, parts, drawings, and features)
  • uses graphical configuration to visualize the product
  • automates quoting (datasheets, calculations, quotes)
  • automatically generates product structures incl. BOM
  • replaces 150 percent BOM with class searches
  • is able to combine engineer-to-order (ETO) with configure-to-order (CTO)
  • automatically creates configuration to save time and resources